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SDL Method – Weight Loss for Life

SDL Method – Weight Loss for Life



I have been successfully helping people of all shapes, sizes and weights lose weight and achieve their life goals for over 15 years. The only people who aren't successful are those who aren't compliant. Follow my programme and you will achieve your goals.


Loss for Life is a 78 page downloaded PDF programme that is designed to help you lose weight and keep if off for life. I wrote this to teach people about how to finally lose their weight and not put it back on, as well for it to be easy.


The programme could also been seen as an ebook as there is a wealth of information.


The benefits you will get from the programme is -

1. Learn how to intermittent fast.

2. All foods used in the programme are anti ageing

3. Tips on how to move forward in life, stay on track and reach your goals

4. Learn a fantastic 2 week mini detox

5. Weight loss. The programme is primarily ketogenic and gluten free.


The programme is affordable at $4.95 a week for 10 weeks. It is easy. It works.


The layout of the programme is -

Weeks 1 - 4 are the base line starting point and then introduction to intermittent fasting.

Weeks 5 & 6 are a fun, easy and friendly detox.

Weeks 7 - 10 amping up the weight loss.


All meals and recipes are included in the 10 week programme. Therefore you are getting 210 meals organised for you for the 10 weeks. I share all my secrets and tips on being your best self and having it all with a fantastic life.


Throughout the time whilst partaking in the programme I am available to contact at I also have a private Facebook group called SDL Method - Weight Loss For Life that I like all people to join and share what week they are up to, their success and to meet others on the programme.



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