Clinic Services

Nutritional Medicine


• The consultation takes one hour

• Discussion of your presenting complaint/s and symptoms

• Full Health History taken

• Family Health History

• Current System Review

• Physical examination which includes Iridology, zinc test, nail/tongue analysis and fat/muscle analysis

• Functional testing is organised if required

• Current diet and lifestyle habits discussed

• Information provided

• Discussion of your individualised treatment plan with goal setting

• Please bring any recent blood tests to this consultation.




• Full treatment plan provided

• Discussion and evaluation of your progress

• All concerns / questions discussed

• Ongoing consultations will depend your condition.

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Functional Testing

Functional testing identifies underlying causes of a condition and assist with diagnosis. Tests involve either saliva, hair, stool, urine or blood. Tests include Hormone Profile, Food Intolerance, HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), Digestive Stool Analysis and Adrenal Stress Test.

Supermarket Tours

Contact me to go food shopping with you. Supermarkets can often be daunting, overwhelming and often confusing. The tour involves understanding labels, meal ideas, seasonal produce and healthy choices. Please contact me to book in your personal tour.


Personalised weight loss program

My personalised Weight Loss Program is one of the most effective weight loss programs available. You can assist you to lose up to 2 kg's per week whilst preserving your muscle mass, gain long term results and lasting knowledge on how to create the body that you want to see and the health you want to feel.


This program can be done with using top quality protein shakes and bars or with only food.


Program Involves:

1. Regular Practitioner Consultations

2. Two healthy Low Carbohydrate Meals Per Day

3. Low Carbohydrate Protein Snacks

4. One Shake it Program Meal Substitute

5. Regular Exercise: Aiming for 40 minutes Four Times Per Week.


Stress less program

With Practitioner support you will develop strategies to help you feel calmer and more positive and in control of your situation. Stress does not discriminate on age or gender. It is important not to underestimate the impact that stress may have on your physical or mental well being.


Program Involves:

1. Provide you with the core nutrients required during periods of stress

2. Relief of any stress related symptoms you may be experiencing

3. Provide healthy eating tips to support your nervous system and overall well being

4. Develop stress management techniques

Corporate health
and wellness

Your staff are your biggest asset. Investing in staff health means less sick days, higher productivity and happier loyal staff. Corporate wellness is priceless.


The Corporate Health Program involves:

1. Each staff member filling in a Health Appraisal Questionnaire   prior to the consultation.

2. Each staff member to fill in a food diary for 7 days prior to the consultation.

3. Consultations will run back to back for 30 minutes. The consultation will include testing and analysis of diet and eating behaviour. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations with

individually tailored nutritional advice will be provided at that consultation.

4. One Shake it Program Meal Substitute

5. Regular Exercise: Aiming for 40 minutes Four Times Per Week.

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The wellness and 
anti-aging program

Health ageing and wellness is staying healthy, active and well for as long as possible. Maintaining vitality, activity and health into old age. The program is an easy to follow diet, lifestyle and supplementation program. Regular patient reassessments to monitor progress and reinforce healthy behaviours.

Detox program

Detox is something to consider if you have any of the following symptoms headaches, lethargy, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, muscle aches, pains, allergies, sensitivities, depression, anxiety or memory issues.
All of these symptoms usually relate to toxicity.

I offer 5 different Detox Programs

1. Express Detox - 2 weeks

2. Integrated Detox - 4 weeks

3. Gut Detox - 6 weeks

4. Liver Detox - 6 weeks

5. Chelation Detox - 6 weeks

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My inspiration is to help people be their best selves. I like to inspire people through my knowledge, life experience, nutritional counselling and education. No reward for me is greater than seeing my patients achieve their goals. I have been a part of the wellness and fitness industry for 20 years, with a strong belief in all aspects of wellness including rest, social connections, self expression, intellect, spirituality, exercise, diet and nutrition. I have compiled my years of research to create this very effective Weight Loss For Life 10 week programme.