Your healthier you,
will meet you at the front door.

Leading Chef and Nutritionist team, Rob Crichton and Sarah Di Lorenzo, now make their revolutionary 14 day cleanse available to you in your home. Yes Chef! Cleanse
is the health reset that will have you feeling your best self - completely revitalised.

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Yes Chef! Cleanse
A holistic detox

Welcome to the Yes Chef! Cleanse. Yes Chef! will provide you with every single thing that you eat for the whole two weeks! That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks for every single day. All meals are 100% gluten-free and are already prepared ensuring complete convenience. You’ll also receive a fitness and mindful practice regime so you can detox all elements of your life. It’s truly the holistic package and for an investment of only $500 per week, you can expect to:

  • lose 2-4 kg’s

  • have increased energy

  • better quality sleep

  • Have a clearer mind

  • Rid your body of common toxins

  • Reduce inflammation and bloating

  • Improve immunity


Imagine feeling detoxified and completely revitalised - It’s a safe, healthy and effective way to improve your health.

Meet the Team

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Rob Crichton
Executive Chef

Rob started cooking professionally at 15 years old, refining his skills in some of Britain’s most acclaimed Michelin Star restaurants. After moving to Sydney, he donned his chef hat again to work with celebrity chef, Luke Mangan,
at Salt Restaurant in Darlinghurst.


As a keen athlete, Rob knows how fresh, healthy and flavoursome food can improve peoples’ lives. And this shows in each and every Yes Chef! meal.

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Sarah Di Lorenzo
Clinical Nutritionist

Sarah Di Lorenxo is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist, devoted to overhauling the health of her clients. Her influence reaches far and wide through her work asa media nutritionist,
public speaker, recipe and programme creator
and clinic owner.


As an avid exerciser and proud mum to her 3 daughters, she knows how vital a healthy lifestyle is to living happily.

Much of the average person’s diet involves common allergens such as gluten, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavour enhancers and alcohol. These toxins are all addressed and removed in the cleanse for that comprehensive approach to wellness. All foods in the cleanse are fresh produce
and come in sustainable packaging.

Let Yes Chef! do the hard part for you

Order with us now and start your detox program with ease.

Make your purchase through the Yes Chef! website today.