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Sarah Di Lorenzo is resident clinical nutritionist on the Seven Network’s Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise and the bestselling author of three books – soon to be four – for Simon & Schuster Australia. Her trilogy of books – The 10:10 Diet, The 10:10 Diet Recipe Book and The 10:10 Kickstart – have sold 100,000 copies since 2022, making her one of Australia’s top-selling authors.

Outside of her television and publishing roles, she runs a private clinic in Woollahra, Sydney, Australia, where she treats and consults on all aspects of nutrition from weight loss to chronic disease.

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“With Sarah’s help, you will reach your goal weight. But more than that – you will keep it off. Plus, your mind will be clear, and you will have energy in abundance. Put simply, you will feel amazing.” MONIQUE WRIGHT, WEEKEND SUNRISE

Sarah showed me how to do something I hadn’t been able to do in years … lose those last, stubborn few kilos that annoyed and frustrated me. She gave me a healthy plan to stick to, with no tiresome calorie counting, just good food. And the best thing was, it could be changed here and there as my days suddenly got busy. I can’t recommend her highly enough. NATALIE BARR, SUNRISE

Sarah admits I am her most needy, intractable and ravenous client. To succeed, she needed more than science; it was a medley of psychology, stealth-health, tofu-trauma therapy and round-the-clock chocolate intervention. I did it gracelessly and grudgingly and yet Sarah stripped off 16 kilos in 8 weeks. Stop reading and urgently buy her books. MATT DORAN, WEEKEND SUNRISE

“Over the years I’ve bought every health-kick book there is – macrobiotic, vegan, ‘eating right for my blood type’ – some I barely made past the first day, others the first... page! Now, thanks to Sarah, I’ve finally found what works for me! Her detox approach is a celebration of food and feeling your best. No punishment, restriction or radical plans. Instead, a clear roadmap to restoring your best health, based on actual science (thanks to the countless medical studies Sarah loves to read). The most surprising result – I’m still following its principles long after my 10 weeks are done. The other books are binned; Sarah’s plan has become a way of life.” SALLY BOWREY, SUNRISE
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