RakXa Integrated Wellness Retreat

RakXa Integrated Wellness Retreat

I have always believed in and practised integrative wellness which is a holistic approach to health with evidence based strategies to reduce disease risk but changing diet and lifestyle. It considers all components of the individual from mental, emotional, interpersonal relationships and the physical - preventative medicine. So for me the opportunity to visit RAKxa was something I was beyond interested in. It was a combination of curious and excited in anticipation of the stay. 

I arrived at RAKxa on a Sunday afternoon flying in from Sydney on a day flight, which I much prefer as it works well for someone like me who struggles to sleep on a plane. A limousine picked us up which is part of their comprehensive and excellence in service.

The RAKxa experience starts a few weeks before you start your journey there. The wellness team has you fill in a health questionnaire and they create your wellness journey before you arrive that ends up being tweaked along the way tailored to your needs after they have met you.  The minute you enter the beautiful grounds is just a 45 minutes drive from Bangkok the friendly staff can not be more accommodating. We were taken to our villa only to notice all the small details such as our names personalised on water bottles and the room set at the perfect temperature. Before going to dinner on the first night we were presented with a pillow menu to choose our preferred pillow to ensure that we were well rested throughout the stay. The complete holistic approach. 

While RAKxa offers other programs such as Detox, Destress, Weight Management, Immunity Booster, Gut Health, Well Relaxed, Personalised and Mobilisation I did the RAKxa Rebalance program which is a 5 day program. I was lucky enough to be able to bring along my eldest daughter Charlotte who is 21. 

The package includes all meals, consultations, afternoon tea, access to the gym, activities, treatments,complimentary hydrotherapy area that has steam rooms, vitality pools, plunge pool, experience shower and is fantastic. There are also complementary healthy drinks, fresh water, healthy wholegrain biscuits and seasonal fruit always replenished in the villa. 

Transport around the retreat was by bike that we parked out the front of our villa to cycle around to our various appointments and activities throughout the day. There is an option for a buggy but Charlotte and I loved riding our bikes everywhere and I was so inspired I decided when returning home to Australia I want to buy a bike. 

The Rebalance program is about bringing you back to your equilibrium of health facets, brain and body coordination, chakra alignment, gut brain axis, mental and physical stability as well the flow of vital energy. I could not have been more excited to embark on this especially given I had just finished a book tour on top of my usual commitments of 2 x TV a week, radio, writing my regular columns, writing my next book, running my clinic, CEO of 1010SDL my protein bar business plus single mum to my 3 daughters Charlotte, Coco and Chloe. Given the demands of my life I have manifested my next RAKxa experience to be the Destress Program. 

The package is extensive and thorough. You start on day 1 with a weigh in and a series of consultations one for health and wellness, one with a doctor and a functional fitness assessment. This is what I mean about being so comprehensive, integrative and personalised. Inclusive treatments were also a private suspension session, chakra balancing, Pranayama, Private Tai Chi, Zen Na Tai, Marma Healing massage, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, traditional Thai Ya-Chae, hyperbaric chamber and IV antioxidant treatment. There are also so many more treatments to experience in their extensive wellness menu. 

In between these treatments there is the option of the infinity pool, tea room, complimentary gym classes, access to the gym and smiling kind staff to accommodate your every need.

The retreat has five main buildings you move between for the treatments including the vitality wellness clinic, the therapy centre (RAKxa Jai), gym (RAKxa Gaya), lobby and restaurant (UNAM) and all are quite close together. The centre is so new, all facilities are the highest of quality, the decor is stunning and so clean and with beautiful signature fragrances wherever you go. 

The staff meet daily to assess your progress to ensure your journey is personalised and your health needs are met and addressed throughout your stay. 

All meals are in the UNAM or restaurant and are exceptional. Each breakfast started with a wellness shot and this is the one meal where you could choose what you wanted. I had seasonal fruit and coconut yoghurt with a macadamia cappuccino but my daughter Charlotte had a variety of different breakfasts including the overnight oats, vegan french toast, vegan pancakes and acai bowl. I was so impressed with the food and had a cooking lesson with their very talented chef which was so inspiring and I loved hearing about the produce, nutrition and cooking methods.  Much of RAKxa produce you enjoy is grown in their own organic farm.

Lunches and dinners always started with a beautifully presented kombucha make, spearmint infused face towel and fragranced water. My daughter was always excited to smell the towels. The meals were meticulously presented, there was always a starter, main and dessert portion controlled and made to your nutritional requirements and palate.

As for the accommodation, it was organic luxury, the bedding was hypoallergenic and our villa had a garden with longevity stones, perfect for the barefoot earthing experience. The staff turned down the beds and fixed the room at night for the perfect night's sleep with our personalised pillows, fresh water and a little flower bedside. Each night when arriving home from dinner you would find a message bag hanging on with your activities for the next day. Charlotte and I loved comparing our days and looking where we had time in between to swim in the infinity pool.

The final day of our stay started with a weigh in, our activities and a final consultation with the wellness coordinator. Our experience far exceeded my expectations. 

In my time at RAKxa I learnt so much about my health I never knew but it made perfect sense. I discovered even though I am right handed my left side is stronger, as well I found out that I am a shallow breather and was taught breathing techniques as well that my mind is overactive. My daughter's immunity was improved as well as her posture, she arrived at RAKsa with some acne that was cleared within days. But we learnt so much more than this. As a mother seeing my daughter at 21 learn more about integrative wellness was the best gift I could give her. 

For me as a clinical nutritionist, RAKxa reinforced my beliefs of a holistic approach to health. Preventative medicine is essential. The RAKxa experience is the best gift you could give to yourself or a loved one. It encompasses timeless wisdoms and therapies, food as medicine, rest and lifestyle. It really is the connection of body and mind, wholeness, balance and teaching you techniques to move forward in your life living your best self.

I will go back again and again. Health is wealth.  

To see more of my journey head to my instagram @sarah_di_lorenzo and look at my highlights as well as my instagram feed.


Sarah Di Lorenzo


 RAKxa Rebalance Program Link: https://rakxawellness.com/rebalance.php.
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